Redefining a market.

For decades, the HVAC tool market has been stagnant. Every brand featured similar tools that worked and felt the same. When Newell-Rubbermaid launched the hilmor brand, they made sure their tools were different.

Comfort grips and modern finishes were just the surface difference. Each tool was re-engineered for the cramped spaces HVAC technicians call their office.

Their website needed to reflect everything about the hilmor brand. It had be no-nonsense and get its job done quickly. But it needed to be modern as all get-out.

The website was the first in its category to be responsive. It also used mobile device technologies to help HVAC pros find these new tools.

It's killer feature? A cross-referencing app that shows the user easy hilmor replacements for their current tools.

Of course, being a new brand, the word had to get out. That's where a brand anthem video came in handy. It was played at AHR Expo, the largest annual HVAC trade show, to let the world know about this tough new brand of tools.