Upending engineering's status quo.

The engineering profession is steeped, in some cases, in seemingly immovable traditions and best practices. A "right" solution was discovered decades ago, so there is little incentive to explore the boundaries of what else might be.

Along comes Larson Binkley, a mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering firm that dared to break itself out of that mold. Taking a cue from software development, the firm adopted Agile methodologies and began using design thinking to create solutions that were more elegant and more collaborative with the architects that hired them.

This almost unique sense of extreme collaboration spurred them to rebrand. The firm chose "Dialectic" because of its literal definition of two-way discourse and collaboration. Orange Flame then helped bring that brand to life by creating hand-drawn branding elements... the antithesis of most engineering firms' starched and pressed approaches.

Furthermore, the "D" logotype was meant to be a little messy. When viewed up close, it seemed to be little more than a jumble. From afar, it was a clear representation of their brand, comprised of many colors (viewpoints).