There's nothing better than poking a stick at a campfire.

The wood sparks. The fire comes alive into something useful, inspirational, comforting or just plain fun.

Now, imagine your brand is a campfire.

Let's poke a stick at it together.

One man on a mission.

Jeremy Fuksa has been designing and working with digital video since 1995. He started Orange Flame Design as a way to help a broader range of partners solve business problems.

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Principles of Design

Simple, yet strong.

The clove hitch is an incredibly simple knot. But, once under tension, it holds until the rope breaks.

The best ideas are like the clove hitch: simple, yet strong.

Hiring Orange Flame Design gives you a collaborative partner that works to give you the best ideas that cut to the core of your goals.

Experience in the field.

When blazing your own trail, you rely on equipment that has been field tested and is ready for anything.

Over the years, Jeremy's creative solutions have been field tested by brands in Kansas City and beyond, including the partners below.

Need creative help for your business? Let's make sparks.

There are many factors to consider when hiring a design agency to help your business. So many, in fact, it might be overwhelming. But, it doesn't have to be that way.

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