There's nothing better than poking a stick at a campfire.

The wood sparks. The fire comes alive into something useful, inspirational, comforting or just plain fun.

Now, imagine your brand is a campfire.

Let's poke a stick at it together.

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Principles of Design

  • Designs should be simple.
  • Interactions within design should be ridiculously simple.
  • The above items should yield a self-explanatory experience for the user.
  • Sophistication means that design makes smart choices or automates processes for the user where relevant.
  • Designs should be pleasing to look at, but should prioritize business goals over aesthetics.

Simple, yet strong.

The clove hitch is an incredibly simple knot. But, once under tension, it holds until the rope breaks.

The best ideas are like the clove hitch: simple, yet strong.

Hiring Orange Flame Design gives you a collaborative partner that works to give you the best ideas that cut to the core of your goals.

Experience in growing businesses.

Orange Flame Design is a branding, design, and marketing partnership with over 30 years combined experience. Our suite of services help businesses in Kansas City and beyond reach their full potential.

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